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Yea it ruled mine too, in fact it nearly killed me!

Hi! I’m Dane Johnson – I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and I’ve personally overcome a life threatening battle with Crohns Disease & Ulcerative Colitis using natural medicine. I want to show you how you can empower yourself to take back your health; because life should be an adventure!  

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Is Crohns & Colitis Ruling Your Life?
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What’s the secret to building a successful healing plan?


   Simply put – Cumulative daily healing experiences. Reversing symptoms of Crohns/Colitis is a unique experience for each us. All parts of your life can either help create a healing response or a damaging response.

Think about the best day you’ve had in months – that great day had a lot more to do with what you ate right? Lets harness that power to make all your dreams become your reality. Natural medicine is not about complicating your life with strict rules but empowering your body to be its strongest. Supplements, Herbs, Lifestyle, and Diet can be implemented to help you reverse symptoms and be your very best self.


How it Works


We build your personalized healing program I call S.H.I.E.L.D. – Supplements, Herbs, Implementation, Exercise, Lifestyle, Diet. Our program is about your personal journey to vibrant health & happiness. We implement simple solutions into your life to make your healing journey work around your needs.

We simplify your life through daily actions that have enormous healing effects.  We teach you how to invest your time, energy and money into powerful healing solutions while managing negativity in your life. No more wasting your money and time on products and diets that don’t work. We go straight to the core issues that are keeping you sick because its not just health…its living the life you want!



A holistic approach to countering the adverse effects of Crohn’s Disease/Ulcerative Colitis by incorporating a personal multi-dimensional regimen of energy cultivating responses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does healing take?

It’s dependent on many variables and we can take a closer look during our first conversation. The more time and energy you put into your recovery the more quickly you see results. 4-12 weeks is expected for most to start seeing symptoms change but is completely depending on you and your experiences.

How long did it take Dane to heal?

My worst episode was extreme and nearly killed me. It took 6 weeks to leave the hospital, 5 months to return to work/life events, 8 months to vibrant health.

Why aren't conventional doctors showing me natural remedies?

It could be for many reasons. Many are not allowed to advise you in this area because of hospital or insurance policy. Many doctors could loose their jobs and their ability to practice. I strongly believe the combination of alternative and conventional medicine will be combined in the near future, we are seeing remarkable changes already!

Is conventional medicine corrupt?

Conventional methods have saved many lives including my own. It is an option many of us need and many will continue to need in the future. However, there are amazing alternatives to surgery and prescription drugs that allow people to live healthy and vibrant lives symptoms free.

Can I cure myself through Holistic Medicine?


Viibrant health without symptoms is very much possible. Many have been able to live a very normal life while taking on huge dreams like professional sports, stressful careers, and building families for 5…10…20 years, seemingly cured! However, the term “cure’ emphasis that the disease can never return and that can not be guaranteed so no, you technically cannot “cure” IBD even though the possibilities are seemingly the same.

Can Dane help me get off prescription drugs?

Yes I can help you create a plan to wean off your prescriptions drugs. However, it is a potential risk to your health and I strongly advise you have the support of your family and primary doctor before we go down that path. It should not be taken lightly but yes it can be done.

What if I already have a healing regimen I like but I still want to work with Dane?

That is absolutely fine, my goal is to get you happy and healthy! If our success is found through another program I have no problem consulting you through their process



Here I was a professional model/actor – playing make-believe traveling the world and BOOM – Crohn’s/Colitis completely took over my life. I started losing weight dramatically, having up to 25 bowel movements a day, chronic fatigue, immense pain, and sleepless nights for the next 3 years of my life. The strongest prescription medications seemed to cause more issues and I was starring down the barrel of surgery at the age of 25.

I became extremely depressed, angry, resentful and helpless – It has been the hardest battle of my life. Then it happened, I decided that I would become the solution. Over the past 7 years I went back to school for natural medicine, made a full recovery, became my own best doctor and most importantly, found purpose to my life.

December 2014 – 125lbs                              August 2015 – 180lbs


Nutrition therapy provided by CCLifestyle is not intended as a diagnosis treatment, prescription or cure for any disease or illness. Nutrition therapy is not a substitute for regular medical care. Nutritional therapy provides nutritional evaluation and recommendations, including dietary, supplement and lifestyle, with the goal of optimizing health.